Design Edge

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Interior Design Coaching

Our packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. 

You choose the help that you need.

Design Edge ConsultationWe will visit your home or support you by e-mail, to share and discuss your vision, life style and ideas. We would evaluate if your space has promise, what can be recovered and what can be recycled. 

Collaborative Design: We provide design and design schooling for hassle-free and on-a-budget renovations. Combining the client's active participation, our knowledge and experience, and the power of design we elevate the look and functionality of living spaces.We specialized on residential additions, space reconfiguration, and projects such as kitchens and bathrooms assisting do-it-your-selfs.


Renovation CoachingWe walk hand-in-hand with you. With our Renovation Coaching we can help you with support and guidance in tasks that you can't perform by yourself to preserve the original look and functionality of the project.  Tasks to be performed are: choices of materials and colors, address of possible solutions to problems that might arise, project supervision, shopping trips, referrals to local resources, analysis and comparison of different construction estimates, controlling budget, research. 

Residential Design: If you decide to get this option we will work to discover your dreams and take out the full potential of your spaces. We will make materials and finishes choices. During the implementation phase we will provide the project management. 

Design Edge Visualization Package: If you are the type of person that need to see an image to understand the final result we can offer a 3D visualization package. A photorealistic rendering or a real time rendering will complete the understanding of the design concept while making possible to share your project with other people. 

Architectural Services

Our prices are based on the time and software that we need to develop your work.

Design Edge believes that you should not pay more than what it took us to create your plans or renderings. That is why all our rates are based on a strict cost per hour spent.  Our fees are variable according to the software that we use to develop your work. Send us your sketches, drawings or information and we will respond with an estimate of time and money needed.