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Tackling The Most Wanted: Ever Thought of Organizing Your Bottom Closet?

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 4:55 PM

As seen on EPBOT, organizing your flat shoes and sandals can now be as easy and organized as lining up your heels!  This is not only simple, and fun to make, it is also affordable. Not to mention that it could turn into one amazing handcraft activity for kids, to help them learn organization habits! The method is simple; Grab some old, unused hangers and put them to work. 

Here are the steps:

S1- Cut the lowest string of the hanger by the middle; leaving it with two ends.

S2- Roll up each side separately; allowing a double-hanger in ONE support.

S3- Paint, personalize to your convenience... And began to hang those fabolous summer sandals, and spring flats!

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