Design Edge

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Who We Are

Design Edge was founded to bring under one umbrella the diverse and many years of my experience. The main goals of Design Edge are a democratization of interior spaces design, an active participation of client to address better their needs, to cut remodeling spendings and implement my sustained interest in choices for smaller carbon footprints.

With degrees in architecture and interior design, I have worked not only in these areas but also as an instructor and developer in the application of information and communication technologies in the field of interior design and architecture.


In the area of ​​interior and residential design I provide Collaborative Design and Remodeling Coaching. I serve homeowners  seeking to combine professional help with DIY efforts. With an active participation of my clients, my design skills, my training, and a permanent guidance they can make informed decisions and have a great experience. I bring to the equation a unique aesthetic supported by my vast backlog of world wide experience for design and function, and a reinvention of existing resources to stay on a budget. 

I am also an independent writer and author of Google SketchUp for Interior Design and Space Planning, Designing Kitchens with Sketchup, and Sketchup for Interior Design Revisited. I have put together my experience as an instructor at college and private level, my ability to provide support and advice, and my personal experience in design to offer you Collaborative Design, Space Planning, Space Reconfiguration and Remodeling Coaching. I am very happy to help people to get a professional look to their DIY projects. 

In the area of ​​architecture we are a team that provides remote collaboration for the production departments of  architecture and construction firms providing architectural services with great success. I am a leading software instructor at college and private levels. The team of Design Edge is composed of architects and draftsmen that can assure you that the finished product will be more than you will be expect and a totally enjoyable experience. Actually, my team and I provide outsourcing of drafting and rendering services worldwide.